If you’re familiar with our Wishbone & Slo-Bend designs, then this newly introduced design “The Slingshot” in 2019 should ring familiar. While its basic form bares resemblance, the difference is in the details.  We wanted the legs to be independent and flexible to fit a variety of tops.  Each Slingshot leg is made with a corresponding 1/4 solid steel mounting plate with slotted holes for mounting to its top.  The basic form is made from 2″ x 1.75″ steel with a slow rolled foot.  Finely welded and finished to perfection with a smooth, seamless finish.

Bases can also be placed in series for longer tables. Finishes available include polished steel, brushed satin brass, blackened and oil rubbed bronze. Another wonderful RT Facts Design option for fans of our Wishbone, Slo-Bend, and Vitruvian table bases.

Single base alone: 28″H x 28″W x 2″D