Our two-tiered X End Table features a stunning blackened, cold rolled steel base and two pieces of polished cast stone. The stone top locks in with our signature clasp. An RT Facts Design handmade in our Kent, CT workshop. Please inquire for custom sizes. 

Dimensions: 26"Dia x 26"H  
Component Dimensions: 2" x 1/2" steel stock, 1.5" thick top, 1" shelf
Materials: cold rolled steel, cast stone

Polished Cast Stone White

Lead Time: 16-18 Weeks

Made by Hand

Every single one of our items is touched by our skilled craftspeople's hands during each step of fabrication. We take great pride in the fact that very few machines are involved in our production and those that are tend not to be new. We feel that these qualities bring a certain essence to a piece and thusly to the space it inhabits.

Blackened Finish

Our Blackened finish is our tried and true standard which we love very much. It reads as a very warm almost black color with much dimension, allowing for the life and texture of the metal to shine through.

Polished Cast Stone

Polished Cast Stone is a sealed, non-porous man-made stone and is our recommended material for table tops that require the utmost durability for indoor and outdoor use. This material can be cast thin or thick, the latter having the underside routed out to lessen the weight.
If sealed for outdoor use, your polished cast stone piece may be left outside in the elements twelve months out of the year. For best longevity, we recommend bringing it indoors or into a sheltered area during cold months of freezing and thawing to prevent chipping and cracking.