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This listing is for an in stock Tapered Console with marble top and faux antique gold painted finish. To view our custom Tapered Console listing, please click here.

This in stock Tapered Console features a nested, Calacatta Marble top. The frame is forged by hand and has a hand-applied faux antique gold painted finish. An RT Facts Design made by hand in our Kent, Connecticut workshop.

Dimensions: 48"W x 13"D x 34"H
Materials: iron; marble

In Stock

Antique Gold Faux Painted

Our Antique Gold Faux Painted finish is as it sounds, a painted application that replicates it's truly gilt ancestor.

Made by Hand

Every single one of our items is touched by our skilled craftspeople's hands during each step of fabrication. We take great pride in the fact that very few machines are involved in our production and those that are tend not to be new. We feel that these qualities bring a certain essence to a piece and thusly to the space it inhabits.

Hand Hammered

Hand Forged

Many of our iron pieces are hand forged by our expert craftspeople. The resulting texture give the piece a distinctive quality, almost a movement, that can be felt across the room.