Retail Price from: $5,000.00

Our Staple Console's name is a bit of a play on words, the form is that of a staple for joining a stack of papers and also the simple form that becomes a staple in any well designed space. Though there are similar consoles on the market, we believe that with ours, the quality speaks for itself.

For indoor use only. An RT Facts Design made by hand in our Kent, Connecticut workshop.

Materials: Solid wood; brass foot detail, if applicable

Lead Time: 14-16 Weeks


Solid Wood

Our woods are finished or sealed solid woods, not veneer. We truly believe our wood table tops get better with age as each scratch, scuff and ding builds patina and shapes the story the piece has to tell.

Made by Hand

Every single one of our items is touched by our skilled craftspeople's hands during each step of fabrication. We take great pride in the fact that very few machines are involved in our production and those that are tend not to be new. We feel that these qualities bring a certain essence to a piece and thusly to the space it inhabits.