Item No. #WM-CC44444CI

Retail Price: $5,800.00

The first Couturier Mirror was made from trim off The Commodore Hotel in New York City. A dear friend and client, Robert Couturier, purchased this original mirror. Soon after, it graced the cover of his book. To view the wood Commodore Mirror, click here. 

Standard orientation is vertical; please specify if you want a horizontal orientation. The back of the rectangles has a 2-part hanging cleat. The square has a wire.

Can be made for use  indoors or out, please specify. Note that this finish is not sealed, so installing in the elements means that the finish may change over time depending on the amount of acidity in the rain water.
An RT Facts Design made by hand in our Kent, Connecticut workshop.

Weight: 80 - 90 pounds, depending on dimensions
Materials: Standard wood or marine grade wood substrate; copper; glass


Lead Time: 16-18 Weeks


Verdigris Finish

Our verdigris finish is entirely done by hand and takes days to achieve. We let the peice sit outside and pray for rainfall, which activates the patina and creates a beautiful natural pattern. Though each piece's color and pattern is different, they all have a deep turquoise undertone overlayed by colors ranging from greens to blues to browns. We find this variation in the finished piece quite charming.

Distressed Mirror

We have access to the loveliest of distressed mirror types to pair perfectly with our assortment of mirror frames, imparting a sort of magical feel within a space. All of our mirror is cut and applied to the substructure, all by hand.