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A monumental bronze sculpture of “Tiger Fight” signed by Italian sculptor, Angiolo Vannetti (1881-1962). In good antique condition, with a heavy patina throughout. Structurally sound.

From Elena Lago for Berardi Art Gallery in Rome, “Angiolo Vannetti was born in Livorno in 1881, but trained at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, where he was a pupil of Augusto Rivalta. Inheriting Rivalta’s marked vista vein, but also his tendency towards imaginative composition and fresh, expressive modeling, the young sculptor specialized in the production of animalier subjects from an early age.

“In Milan, in 1928, he exhibited Tiger Fight, Monkey with Duck, Macaque, and Towards the Unknown with the Gruppo Labronico. At the Regional Exhibition of Tuscan Art in 1930 he presented Chinese Lord of Malacca, Chinese Lady of Malacca, and The Mother.” – Elena Lago. Signed. An RT Facts Find.

Dimensions: 81″L x 30″W x 41″H

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