Greg & Natalie Randall

Meet Greg. We can always find him. Whistleing, shuffling, carts rolling. In ripped jeans, and stained shirt, he’s arranging the shop with the new finds of the day. Greg never stops. Day after day the truck door rolls up and delicious new finds are spilling out. When he’s finished, he retreats to the workshop to work on new tables. He spent his childhood living and working in fine English Antique shops in Washington D.C. and Madison Avenue. Proportion and scale are part of his fiber. His formal education was in architecture, sculpture and art history at Syracuse University.

Meet Natalie. She is answering consecutive calls from Interior Designer clients who want her to be a part of their private think tanks. And she’s good at it. A lifetime colorist, she is passionate about design and quality. Before RT Facts, she was a Knitwear Designer/Production Manager in New York City . She studied Fashion Design at Syracuse University and Saint Martins School of Art in London. Now, just outside of the city in rural Connecticut, she has extended this expertise. Being the ultimate brainstormer and constant creator she is, she spends much of her time co-conspiring with Interior Designers.

Greg and Natalie met in college. They started their business in their 20’s in Manhattan at the 26th St flea market, they moved up to doing Pier Shows and then exhibited at the Armory Antique Shows, New York Botanical Garden, etc. They made a brazen move and purchased the old town hall in Kent, CT to create a shop. If they built it, would they come? They did. And 30 years later, they still do.

Meet the team

Willa, Shop Dog

Graham, Gallery Manager, Staff Photographer and Website Coordinator

Graham is our Gallery Manager and Website Coordinator. He is passionate about styling and interiors. In addition to daily correspondence with our clients, he is a photographer, filmmaker, writer, and fellow graduate of Syracuse University's Visual and Performing Arts School. Graham is a native of Northwestern Connecticut and has lived in Los Angeles, Manhattan, and overseas. In addition to his roll as Gallery Manager, Graham photographs the exciting items that roll through the door and designs our weekly newsletter.

Brendan, Master Craftsman and Product Designer

Brendan has been influenced by furniture and early American design since he first began creating, and if you’ve stopped in our shop you’ve probably heard him share a sentiment on Shaker aesthetic. A graduate of Alfred University’s School of Art and Design, he has shown work in the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan, and New York State Museum in Albany, NY among others. Since Brendan joined us in 2011, he has had a hand at doing a bit of everything, from building our Axe tables with locally recollected wood to adding the finishing touches to our mirrors and one of a kind finds. When he’s not working at our shop you’ll still find him sketching tables and chairs, or crafting one of a kind goblets.

Katie, Production Manager

Katie works behind the scenes making sure the RTFacts Design projects run smoothly. From making design sheets to planning logistics , She’s our air traffic controller making sure all projects move from the forge to the carpentry table, to the finishing booth and finally delivered on time. With a whip in each hand, she keeps the craftsmen and truckers on their toes and does it with a smile and a twinkle in those chartreuse green eyes. When your beautiful custom mirrors and tables arrive on schedule, she’s the one to thank.

Katie, Logistics Coordinator, Sales Associate

Katie is our Logistics Coordinator and Sales Associate, and like many of us, is a native of Northwestern Connecticut. Katie studied sculpture and art history at VCU in Virginia. Before joining the RT Facts Team, Katie worked in art galleries and auction houses. Katie is your first point of contact when you reach out to RT Facts!

Matt, Craftsman

Matt is a second-generation race car driver. He worked as a professional driver and racing coach for the past couple of decades. After parking the race car career, Matt arrived at RT Facts, intrigued. He had grown up in a family of artists and craftspeople and had lots of the skill and drive (ha ha) we like to see. Used to moving fast and changing gears, Matt was a perfect fit. Now, Instead of looking in the rearview, Matt sees his reflection in multiples in the mirror workroom. He also does a lot of the prep and finishing work on our iron tables. He lives close enough to go home to run his dogs around at lunchtime.

Rex, Craftsman

Rex was trained at SCAD and Art Institute of Pittsburg, and worked professionally in cosmetology, sculpting and doing Special FX makeup for films, advertisements and on Broadway. He designed and created elaborate masks and makeup for The Lion King, Beaty and the Beast, Tarzan, The Grinch, etc. He now makes molds and does the castings for our lighting and mirrors. He dresses and lacquers our linen table tops and covers tables in leather so they are ready for the limelight. It’s a different kind of theatrics but he has shown us there are great similarities between the RT Facts operation and the stage.

Richard, Restoration

The finds we bring in daily need refreshening before they are gallery-ready. Thank goodness we have talented Richard, who always rolls in with a smile and hugs for everyone. He has nicknames for all of us and is a ray of sunshine on our busy days! If you see him in the gallery touching up a piece, you can ask what he’s up to, but his secret potions and lotions are concoctions he’s come up with from his 45+ years of experience and he won’t tell you whats in those crazy looking bottles!

John, Metal Craftsman

Close your eyes and think of our shop in summer…. you will probably envision a monumental armillary sphere out front. These and many of our table bases are the creations of John, one of our makers from the inception. You may have seen him around our shop, discussing new design ideas with Greg. John is our metal fabricator with the soul of a sculptor and he brings more to the shop than just his pieces. He brings enthusiasm, optimism and commitment to detail. “Classic” RT Facts designs have been fabricated by John for years, and every new project with John is one that will last for years.