Painter Zachary Zaitzeff’s “50 Flags to an Entrance” on display at RT Facts Gallery through January 2019

Zachary Zaitzeff is a painter living in the Hudson Valley who has incorporated his extensive world travel, including his 2011 summit of Mount Everest, into his artwork.

Zachary spent 2018 studying American Flags and their various contrasting presentations.“I have found myself struck by the consistency, reliability and sheer number of American flags mounted to the front of entrances. Entrances of broken down trailer homes, grand estates, mom-and-pop shops, and Fortune 500 companies.”

His installation of fifty paintings each portrays images of a flag, stairs, and a door using oil paint, dirt, and ash. The image symbolizes acceptance of, ascension to, and striving for something greater, while the media chosen reflects the elementality of all entrances. Some of the compositions are tattered, frayed, and have been shot with a shotgun similar to war flags seen in history museums. Two of his larger scale works were recently accepted by the Whitney Museum for their collection.