The RT Facts design and crafted “Sculpteur” table base comes in several forms, sizes and finishes.  Made of carved wood and plaster, finished with a gesso painted surface. Also available in natural, cerused

The “Sculpteur” was originally designed for a glass top – allowing the base to take center stage and “be” the sculptural focus that it is.  As you can see from the examples below, we have also made solid tops for use with the sculpteur base and it equally as stunning.

The design has been altered slightly and taken several forms and thus we have named them as follows:

  • UNI Sculpteur – One piece made of two interlocking modules, can be elongated, shaped and scaled for use with square, round, rectangular, oval and elliptical tops.
  • BI Sculpteur – Two piece carved modules stack on a centered pin, ships as two pieces.
  • TRI Sculpteur – Three carved modules stack, forming the base for large elongated, oval or ellipse tops. Ships as three pieces.
  • PIERCED Sculpteur – As the name states, the larger ovoid sections of the base have been pierced.
  • NAVASANA Sculpteur – Navasana, Naukasana, Boat Pose, or Paripurna Navasana is a seated asana in modern yoga as exercise.

The popularity of the design also led us to design the Sculpteur Mirror.

DINING TABLE EXAMPLES:  The following are complete table combinations showing examples of wood and glass tops on the Sculpteur base.

UNI Sculpteur Dining Table Bases

PIERECED & NAVASANA Dining Table Bases