Shipping Questionnaire

Please fill out this shipping questionnaire to the best of your ability. Write N/A in all that is not applicable or does not apply to your delivery.

What is a Sidemark? Usually it is the name you want on your order to denote who it is for and/or where it is going.
Check all that apply
**We may ask for reference photos if we feel it necessary**

Terms & Conditions

Shipping price subject to change if the information provided is incomplete or inaccurate.

For local deliveries, (Northeast) we will give 48 hours notice with a 3-hour delivery window. We typically make weekly NYC runs in the late morning to mid-afternoon.

Coordinating delivery is a service we offer as a courtesy. We welcome clients to arrange their own logistics if they have inflexible schedules and may find coordinating and receiving difficult.

By entering your name you are agreeing to the terms & conditions and agreeing to the best of your knowledge that the information provided is accurate.