Item No. #CO-PAR4822LN

Retail Price: $4,000.00

Our Parsons Coffee Table is a classic form, like the little black dress of coffee tables. We wrap ours in our lovely linen.

Our linen tops are glazed to perfection with multiple coats of contract grade polyurethane. This table is suitable for indoor use only. An RT Facts Design made by hand in our Kent, Connecticut workshop.

Materials: Wood substrate; linen or COM

Lead Time: 18-20 Weeks



Our linen table tops are made of natural linen fabric which are hand cut and placed then sealed with multiple coats of polyurethane to create a durable, contract-grade impervious surface. Coffee and Dining Tables have the option of one piece of linen or multiple, creating a (Piet) Mondrian pattern.

Made by Hand

Every single one of our items is touched by our skilled craftspeople's hands during each step of fabrication. We take great pride in the fact that very few machines are involved in our production and those that are tend not to be new. We feel that these qualities bring a certain essence to a piece and thusly to the space it inhabits.