Item No. #WM-AR44664H

This listing is for an in stock mirror. To view our customizable Couturier Copper Mirror listing, please click here.

The first Couturier Mirror was made of trim from The Commodore Hotel in New York City. A dear client Robert Couturier purchased this original mirror and soon after it graced the cover of his book and was included in every subsequent photo shoot of his home. We decided to replicate the design by molding sheet copper and half spheres by hand and finishing it with our verdigris finish. This special finish is entirely done by hand and even the weather is required to cooperate. For this reason, we consider irregularities charming reminders of the process.

This in stock mirror features a large-scale beaded trim that runs alongside a three inch frame and molding detail. It features our heirloom distressed mirror and is outfitted with a cleat to hang vertically. For indoor use only. An RT Facts Design made by hand in our Kent, Connecticut workshop.

Finishes: Verdigris patina; heirloom mirror distressing
Dimensions: 66"H x 44"W x 2"D
Weight: 90 pounds
Materials: Wood substrate; copper; glass