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“Tufted” Tabletop Sculptures by Mark Mennin

Price $8,000.00

Collection of tabletop sculptures by Mark Mennin.  Mark is an established Connecticut artist known for his large scale outdoor granite pieces.  Shown here is a collection of tabletop sculptures from his series “Tufted”.   In the words of the artist:  “On the scale of landscape, stone carvings that conform to the figure, might easily fall into the realm of functional arts – as if that still might diminish it’s conceptual value.  SO, ten years ago I had wanted to poke fun at the absurdity of this thinking, I made several miniatures in stone much more literal as furniture to point out:  because their scale prohibits function – they must be sculpture in its purest form.”

Each chair is carved from marble.  Priced individually at $8,000 each.

Armchairs:  7-8″H x 9.5-11″W x 7-9″D,  Chaise lounges:  4-6.5″H x 6-7″W x 12-17″L

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