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(SOLD) Pair of Vintage Beaded African Yoruba Throne Chairs

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Each Yoruban Beaded throne is unique and one-of-a-kind; an unparalleled conversation piece that instantly transforms a space and imbues it with wondrous and intricate sophistication and worldly glamor. These chairs are decorated with thousands upon thousands of tiny glass seed beads applied in strands to compose a floral pattern on a cane chair covered in cotton fabric.

Each individually handmade Yoruba Beaded Chair is crafted by master artisans trained in centuries-old seed beading techniques practiced by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. These functional and decorative artwork thrones are traditionally used by the kings and queens of the Yoruba tribe in West Africa.

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Each Measures: 30″W x 31.5″D x 33.75″H

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Dimensions 31.5 x 30 x 33.75 in