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(SOLD) Monumental Statue of Diana the Huntress

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A larger-than-life statue of Diana the Huntress from Roman mythology.  Diana, also known as Artemis, was revered as goddess of the hunt, moon, childbirth, and nature.  One of three goddesses who swore never to marry, she also punished the misdeeds of men.  Her frequent portrayal with deer may possibly be a covert reference to the myth of Acteon, who saw her naked while bathing.  She transformed him to a stag and set his own hunting dogs upon him.

This monumental antique plaster Caproni statue is a reproduction of the one currently found in the Louvre museum, originally a gift from Pope Paul IV to Henri II of France in 1556 and based upon a bronze original from the 4th Century B.C. attributed to the Greek sculptor Leochares.  This sculpture was also a gift, from the class of 1916, as attested to by the bronze plaque on it’s base.

Statue alone:  84″H x 52″W x 40″D, White painted wood base:  20″H x 43″L x 30″D,  Total height:  104″

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Dimensions 52 x 40 x 104 in