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Hand Made Birch Bark in the Traditional Manner of Northeastern Native Peoples

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This canoe was built in the manner of the Malecite people inhabiting the St. John’s River district of New Brunswick, Canada in the 1800’s.  In keeping with their techniques and tools at that time only hand powered tools were used.  The gunwales, ribs and planks are cedar splits, shaved with knives.  The caps are pine, the thwarts brown ash.  The white birch bark (white on the inside) is sewn with split spruce roots and the seams are payed with spruce gum.

It took approximately 350 hours and 100 miles of walking the forests collecting the right raw materials to bring this canoe into being.  A labor of love and a vanishing art form.

200″L x 33W x 21″H

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Dimensions 200 × 33 × 21 in