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19th Century Zinc Sculpture of “Sabrina” by J. W. Fiske

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A rare and important 19th century figural zinc sculpture by J. W. Fiske Ironworks Company depicting “Sabrina.” American, circa 1870–1874. The figure is seated on a draped tree trunk surrounded by water and plants. After the marble precedent by Willian Calder Marshall, which was exhibited at the 1851 Great Exhibition in London. Sabrina (also spelled “Zabrina”) was a 12th century Welsch literary figure and the daughter of Locrine, son of the legendary Brutus of Troy and Guendolen, daughter of Cornelius. In order to avenge her husband’s infidelity, Guendolen threw her young daughter into the river and ordered that the river be named Severn, from “sabers,” or River of Sabre. The sculpture has recently undergone restoration work by the previous owner and has several repairs. Acquired from Barbara Israel Garden Antiques.

Measurements: 36″W x 20″D x 40″H

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Dimensions 20 × 36 × 40 in