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19th Century Zinc Royal Armorial Crest (SOLD)

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A magnificent coat of arms representing the Royal House of the Netherlands from the estate of Bill Blass.  A royal crest is distinguished from the state crest by the draped mantle.  The central shield features a lion grasping seven arrows in one hand representing the seven provinces that gained independence from Spain in the revolution, and the sword in the other hand a symbol of determination to defend their liberty.  The shield is flanked by a pair of rampant guardant lions (facing outward), a variant of the more commonly seen lions rampant (facing each other).  This crest is missing one tassel and possibly a crown that is normally seen on top of the crest in addition to the one above the shield.

The phrase “Je Maintiendrai”  means “I will maintain” and is the motto of the House of Orange-Nassau, the original rulers of the province.  Its expanded significance as explained by Prince William of Orange in 1565 means:  “I will maintain virtue and nobility.  I will maintain the prestige of my name.  I will maintain the honor, the faith and the law of God and of the King, of my friends and of myself”.  Words of inspiration for a royal house or for your own.

30″H x 34.5″W x 4″D

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Dimensions 34.5 x 4 x 30 in