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19th Century English Collectors Cabinet

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A large English collectors cabinet from the 1800s.  Such cabinets became popular in the Age of Exploration from the 15th to the 17th century and were called Cabinets of Art and Curiosity.  Originally used to display a collection of butterflies, this cabinet would have fallen under the category of “naturalia”. It has two vertical rows of 18 drawers for a total of 36 drawers, each drawer glass covered and having two metal slotted plaques for labels.  All the glass is intact and the fit is meticulous, which was necessary to create a tight seal and properly preserve its contents. Drawers are lined with paper, some never used, but most retaining pinholes from its original display.  Hinges are brass, and the knobs are black painted wood.  Cabinet locks and has its original key.

Overall dimensions:  5o”H x 45.25″W x 22″D

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Dimensions 45.25 x 22 x 50 in