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(SOLD) 12″ x 14″ Oil on Linen Flag Paintings by Zachary Zaitzeff, sold and priced individually

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Zachary Zaitzeff is a painter living in the Hudson Valley who has incorporated his extensive world travel, including his 2011 summit of Mount Everest, into his artwork.  Zachary spent 2018 studying American flags and their contrasting presentations.  His series of 50 paintings each portrays images of a flag, stairs, and a door using oil paint, dirt and ash.  Some of the compositions are tattered, frayed and have been shot with a shotgun similar to war flags seen in history museums.  Two of his larger scale works were recently accepted by the Whitney Museum for their collection.

These 12″ x 14″ images are painted on linen fragments mounted free floating between two panes of glass sealed with lead solder in the manner of stained glass windows.

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Dimensions 12 x 14 in