22 South Main St
Kent, CT

What is your shipping policy?

– We ship anywhere in the world but please note that shipping prices and shipping dates may vary. For NYC area, deliveries are picked up every Tuesday and delivered on Wednesdays. Please note that shipping rates for NYC and Southern CT are $185-$275. For the rest of the US we ship via Plycon or Antique Transport, professional art shippers who blanket wrap items. Small items are shipped via UPS. If you have any questions please call or email us. We are happy to set up the delivery for you!

What kind of Payment do you accept?

– We take Check, Visa, MasterCard, America Express, PayPal and wired funds.

Sale Tax Law Explained

– We are licensed to do business in both CT and NY states. If you purchase in our CT store you must pay CT sales tax. If you are a NY customer and are ordering for shipment you must pay NY state tax. CT sales tax is 6.35%, NY sales tax is 8.48%

The only way to avoid paying sales tax is if you:

1- Provide us with a resale certificate whereby the name on certificate matches the name on method of payment (i.e. credit card, check, paypal acct) this means this is a wholesale purchase in which the tax will be passed down to another buyer later.
2- We are shipping to you in another state besides NY or CT and we are provided with a bill of lading from licensed trucker or a receipt from UPS or USPS proving it’s going out of state.
If you want us to personally deliver to you as a courtesy (out of state) we still must collect sales tax because we are not a licensed shipper.

Can I customize the furniture you make?

– We make a line of furniture, mostly tables and mirrors in which we can customize size, finish and color. Tabletops are interchangeable. Choose from:
– Glass
– Zinc
– Wood. Finishes for wood include: cerused oak, ebonized wood, pickled, and custom paint color.

Do you take internships?

Yes! If you are a college student studying furniture design and would love to do your internship with us please download this application form: R.T. Facts Internship Application Form.

Store Hours?

– We’re open (usually) 7 days a week:
– Mon-Fri 10pm-5pm
– Sat 10am-5pm
– Sun 12pm-5pm
It’s best to call if you are planning to make a long trip here as sometimes we are out scrounging for more treasures.
BYOB-Bring your own shopping bags!!!

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