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Who We Are

Natalie and Greg Randall opened R.T. Facts in the old Town Hall of Kent, CT in 1992. Since then we’ve been a hidden secret for designers and decorators alike, crowned the boldest antique shop in Litchfield County. There’s a dynamic group of designer and artists creating our pieces, and keeping our playful and eccentric demeanor alive…

 Greg, Owner, Buyer, Designer

Greg for Who we areYou walk in the door at 10am and and hear whistling and shuffling. It’s Greg. Ripped jeans, stained shirt. He’s arranging the shop with the new finds of the day.  Greg never stops. Day after day the truck door rolls up and there are delicious new finds spilling out.   When he’s finished he’ll retreat to the workshop to work on new tables being made  for retail stores, restaurants and  private residences.  Seven days a week he is on the go.   Many nights after work he finds himself making a house call . A glass of wine and consult with an individual known for his aesthetic or a powwow and  installation  in the garden of a celebrated designer.

What’s on his bedside table? Sketchbooks full of design ideas, stacks of classical art and architecture books,  dog-eared shelter magazines, 5 pairs of cobbled-together broken reading glasses and a Jeff Jacobson lamp.

Greg spent his childhood living and working in fine English Antique shops in Washington D.C.  and Madison Avenue. Proportion  and  scale are part of his fiber. His formal education was in architecture, sculpture and art history at Syracuse University. He and Natalie started their business in their 20’s in Manhattan at the 26th St flea market.  They had a following  but the elements were cruel and the rents were high.   They made a brazen move and purchased the old town hall in Kent, CT  to make a shop.    If they built it, would they come? They did.  And they still do.

The merchandise is  more refined and the display more sophisticated than it was on 26th St but Greg is still wearing the same clothes. And whistling while he works.


Natalie, Owner, Buyer, Designer

Meet Natalie. She is sitting by the phone, writing viciously in handwriting that is a gorgeous mix of traditional cursive and modern capital letters. She is answering consecutive calls from separate clients who want her to be a part of their private think tanks.  And she’s good at it.

Before R.T. Facts, she studied Fashion Design at Syracuse University and Saint Martins School of Art in London, which paved the way to becoming a designer and product manager for 6 years in New York City. Now, just outside of the city in rural Connecticut, she has extended this expertise. Being the ultimate brainstormer and constant creator she is, Natalie stands in her newly renovated studio and envisions the light fixture she is yet to make. Her arms dance through the air, describing how it will skate across the table in a way that will allow for practicality as well as beauty.

A lifetime colorist, she is passionate about design and quality. You may see Natalie pulling great bronze details from a shelf to use as finials or fragments from an industrial building to construct a series of tables for a restaurant. Her index finger goes into the air and she races to the basement with Willa, her shadow-dog, trotting behind her and shortly emerges with an amazingly weathered marble baluster. There are twenty-two and these will be the perfect supports for the counter of a clothing store she is outfitting. She will draw up the plan. Even better, she’ll do it in between phone calls and throwing the ball for the dog now sleeping under her desk.


Alexandra, Designer & Camera Girlwho we are

Alex started working at RT Facts when she was in high school. While working in the showroom, and adding finishing touches to pieces, she fell in love with the aesthetics of antiquity. Going on to earn a BFA from New York School of Interior Design, she studied Antique Appraisal as well as the art of creating the perfect space. She constantly looked back to her time working at RT Facts, “I felt so lucky, my time at the shop had allowed me to develop an aesthetic that most of my classmates would have been afraid of, but mixing refined classical marble pieces with patinated industrial items just seemed logical to me!”. After working as an assistant at an Architecuaal Digest top 100 firm in Manhattan she found it too hard to fight the calling of the countryside, and returned to RT Fact’s where she works as a designer.

Have a question for Alexandra? You can always reach her at alex@rtfacts.com.


Brendan, Carpenter and Finishing Touch Master

Brendan has been influenced by furniture and early American design since he first began creating, and if you’ve  stopped in our shop  you’ve probably heard him share a sentiment on Shaker aesthetic. A graduate of Alfred University’s  School of Art and Design, he has  shown work in the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan, and New York State  Museum in Albany, NY among others. Since  Brendan joined us in 2011, he has had a hand at doing a bit of everything,  from building our Axe tables with locally recollected wood  to adding the finishing touches to our mirrors and one of a  kind finds. When he’s not working at our shop you’ll still find him  sketching tables and chairs, or crafting one of a kind  goblets.


Charlotte, Logistics Coordinator

charlotte who we areStrong, positive, funny, smart, and more organized than your average logistics coordinator, Charlotte approaches every project with a clear-headed manner and a devilish twinkle in her eye. Whenever things get overwhelming with the multitude of projects, Charlotte says, “just lean more on me, I’ve got your back.” She has tamed the trucking, parts-ordering, and glass- and stone-cutting operations.

Charlotte graduated summa cum laude from Edinboro University with a Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures. Having grown up with Natalie and Greg and been around R.T. Facts as a kid, it was only too perfect for Charlotte to join the team. With a keen mind for details and an elephant-like memory, she brings the kind of organizational expertise that is very much needed in a group full of creative minds.

Charlotte is a passionate foodie and spends her free time (and her family and friends’ free time) playing chemist in the kitchen. Culinary wizardry occurs in the shadow of Charlotte’s windowsill garden where a tangle of seedlings and avocado trees (nurtured from pits) reach for the sun.

Have a question for Charlotte? You can always reach her here at charlotte@rtfacts.com.

Jacob, Craftsman


Jacob has an interesting background of urban and rural upbringings. Raised in Western Connecticut, his frequent stays in surrounding cities influenced him greatly. At a young age he began drawing, inspired by the graffiti murals that captured his attention.

After graduating from New Milford High School he attended Western Connecticut State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. One day he hopes to pursue his masters.

More recently he has been traveling around the country with his dog, Onyx, and the love of his life. Something he hopes to continue doing in the near and distant future. In his spare time he enjoys painting, backpacking with his dogs, woodworking, and helping his Mom on her farm. During lunch at the shop, he can be found reading the New Yorker.

Felicity Bontecou, Floral Designerwho we are felicity

Felicity is always a welcome sight as she pulls up to the gallery and unloads her pick up truck, her arms laden with budded branches , magnolia leaves and flowers.  Dressed in her Wellington boots and hunting vest like a quintessential garden fairy,  she works her magic planting urns and arranging flowers. Felicity grew up on a farm in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa. She moved to London where she took floral courses with Constant Spry and a variety of other instructors. From London, Felicity moved to the States and continued a career in Floral Design working in New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Connecticut. Felicity has exhibited at Trade Secrets and given flower arranging demonstration there. She enjoys working with clients doing house flowers, dinner parties, large events, and select weddings.Felicity is passionate about Using as much material as possible from her own garden and the forests and fields that surround her. Can we call that farm-to-table? From her farm to our tables! Felicity and her husband currently live in Millerton, New York with their 4 dogs.

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